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What is Westergasfabriek?

People come to Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek to meet, work and relax. This beautiful city park, with its historic factory buildings surrounded by expanses of green, also has workplaces, venues for large and small events, and a range of catering, film, theatre and exhibition facilities.

The Westergasfabriek is providing a new surge of energy and light. The redeveloped factory site and the beautifully laid out park are an asset for the local area. Creative entrepreneurs work in the renovated historic buildings and many high-profile events and festivals are held here. The Westergasfabriek is regarded as a model for redevelopment, far beyond the Netherlands’ borders. 

Address & Route

Westergasfabriek BV 
Polonceaukade 27 1014 DA Amsterdam
T: 020 586 07 10    F: 020 681 30 62


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