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Abstracts / Posters

Abstract Acceptance

We are able to accommodate approximately 216 oral presentations in Marseille. Notification regarding acceptance of abstracts have been made on Tuesday, 2 July 2013. 771 posters will also be presented during the congress.

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Abstract Publication

The Journal of Emergency Medicine (JEM) and the European Journal of Emergency Medicine (EJEM) will publish the top abstracts that receive the highest review scores, as determined by the EuSEM-AAEM Abstract Review Committee. Abstracts will be considered for publication in one of our journals ONLY if the author is registered for the meeting.

Top Three Scoring Abstracts to be Recognized at the Opening Ceremony

The top three scoring abstracts will have the opportunity to present for ten minutes each during the Opening Ceremony. First place will be determined, and a prize awarded to the top presenter.

Abstract Awards: Best Pre Hospital Abstract

The Falck Foundation ( will be sponsoring an abstract award at the Congress: Best Pre Hospital Abstract

The winner will receive a sculpture, and an award of €5000! This award will be announced and handed out during the Opening Ceremony.

On Site Information

Abstract Syllabus

The oral and poster abstract information will be published on the MEMC VII website prior to the Congress.

Abstract Numbers

Abstracts presented in oral abstract sessions are numbered according to each session, beginning with an "Or-". Abstracts presented in poster sessions are assigned numbers beginning with an "Po-".

The number following the prefix indicates the board number in the poster hall on which the abstract will be posted. For example, a poster number of Po-145 indicates that the abstract will be presented as a poster on board number 145.


Posters will be located in several areas within the Convention Center. Each poster is up for the whole congress.

Poster size

Your poster should not exceed 120 cm/47 inches in height and 90 cm/35 inches in width.


Guidelines for Authors

Supplies for mounting your poster (pins) can be found at the "Posters" welcome desk at the Conference, as well as the master plan of the poster area. Please be sure your poster is up before 14:00 on Sunday. We ask that you take your poster down by 13:00 on Wednesday.

If you do not, your poster will be removed and placed to the side of the room.

Posters not claimed by the end of the Congress will be discarded.

Poster presentation

Poster presenters will be requested to be in front of their poster, at least during one of the coffee breaks during the congress.

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