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Awards Ceremony

AWC - EuSEM 2014 Awards Ceremony

Monday, 29 September 2014
18:00/19:05 -  Zuiveringshal West Room

Moderators: Colin Graham (Hong Kong), Carine Doggen (Netherlands)


  • Introduction.
  • Top Scoring Abstract 1: #1037 - How should we measure ambulance service quality and performance?Joanne COSTER (UK)
  • Top Scoring Abstract 2: #775 - Adding intranasal ketamine to intravenous morphine sulftate in patients with limb trauma: a double blinded randomized clinical trial. Arash SAFAIE (Iran)
  • Top Scoring Abstract 3: #964 - A randomised, double blind, multi-centre, placebo controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of methoxyflurane (Penthrox™) for the treatment of acute pain in patients presenting to an Emergency Department (ED) with minor trauma. Frank COFFEY (UK)
  • Sophus Falck Prize: Using EMS telephone triage data to assess the amount of ambulance resources saved through telephone triage. Tracey BARRON (UK)
  • EuSEM Best Abstract Prize.
  • EuSEM Young Scientist Award.
  • EBEEM graduation + Best Exam awards.
  • EuSEM Fellowships bestowed.
  • EMDM Graduation ceremony.

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