EuSEM 2014

SimWar - Simulation Competition

Session chairs: François Lecomte (France), Youri Yordanov (France)

Coordinators: Luca Carenzo (Italy), Abdo Khoury (France)

Faculty: Karim Benmiloud (Switzerland), Luca Carenzo (Italy), Erik Dol (The Netherlands), Ismael Hssain (France), Patrick Plaisance (France), Thomas Plappert (Germany), Pieter Jan Van Asbroeck (Belgium), Mieke Willemsen (The Netherlands), Sabina Zadel (Slovenia)


The simulation war is an event where emergency medicine teams (In-hospital or Pre-hospital teams) from different countries will be able to compete against each other in a friendly fashion, using the best quality high fidelity patient simulators (mannikins). This competition will be held during the Congress on Monday & Tuesday, and will require from the teams to take part in ALL scenarios.

The competing teams will have to deal with various emergency clinical situations including adult and/or pediatric medicine, trauma and psychiatry. Standard ED or ambulance material will be provided and should be used by the participating teams.

Independent judges will evaluate the teams’ performances. The winning team are the one that achieve the highest scores. Awards will be given to the first 3 teams.

The potential situations the teams will have to deal with will be varied and can include trauma, psychiatric emergencies, pediatric emergencies and/or adult emergencies. Standard ED or ambulance material will be provided and should be used with the participating teams.

Ground Rules

  • A team should include paramedics, nurses, and/or physicians according to national rules (usually 3-4 members). We stress the importance of multidisciplinary teams including junior doctor or residents.
  • All team members should be registered in the conference to being able to compete.
  • Time allocated to each scenario will be variable according to the numbers of team registered. It begins once the team members approach the patient.
  • Positive points will be used for the evaluation of the scenarios
  • Treat all scenarios as real!


To register, download the form below and return it to Audrey Martin
Deadline for registrations: Friday 12 September 2014

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