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Young Doctor Sessions

Dear Young Doctor Colleague,

We are very pleased to invite you to our sessions for young doctors. We hope you will enjoy our varied topics, not covered in the regular congress programme. Don't forget our Pecha Kucha lunch session, a refreshing way of presentations, with lunch! We hope you will join us, it will be an ideal place to encounter other young enthusiastic colleagues!

Pieter Jan Van Asbroeck & Luca Carenzo
For the Young Emergency Medicine Doctors Section


A32 - YEMD: The Soft Side of EM
Soft skills in Emergency Medicine 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014
11:15/12:45 -  Zuiveringshal West Room

  • Introduction. Alice HUTIN (FRANCE)
  • Decision making in Emergency Medicine. Senad TABAKOVIĆ (SWITZERLAND)
  • Crew/crisis resource management. Rainer GAUPP (SWITZERLAND)
  • Dealing with different cultural models of disease. Stefanie VANDERVELDEN (BELGIUM)
  • Discussion. Riccardo LETO (NETHERLANDS), Alice HUTIN (FRANCE)


CPK - PechaKucha - YEMD Session

Tuesday, 30 September 2014
13:00/14:00 - Openbare Verlichting Room

Moderators: Pieter Jan VAN ASBROECK (BELGIUM), Sabina ZADEL (SLOVENIA)
  • Wave after wave - ECG in emergency medicine. Anne PICHORNER (GERMANY)
  • The International Student Association of Emergency Medicine (ISAEM). Anh-Nhi THI HUYNH (DENMARK)
  • Emergency Medicine through Google Glass. Luca CARENZO (ITALY)
  • Move the doctor - progress of mobility in medicine. Andreas PICHORNER (GERMANY)
  • Laying the Foundations: Medical Students & the Professionalisation of Humanitarian Response. Patrick ACHKAR (CANADA)
  • Risk or benefit: an APP in the emergency world. Dean DE MEIRSMAN (BELGIUM)


C33 - YEMD: Education After Graduation

Tuesday, 30 September 2014
11:15/12:45 -  Zuiveringshal West Room

  • Beyond see-one, do-one, teach-one: Simulate one! Thomas PLAPPERT (GERMANY)
  • The European Emergency Medicine Exam. Roberta PETRINO (ITALY)
  • Refresher course experience. Sabina ZADEL (SLOVENIA)
  • Debate about social media in education: Pro. Youri YORDANOV (FRANCE)
  • Debate about social media in education: Con. Marc SABBE (BELGIUM)


E34 - YEMD: Top Scoring Young Doctor Abstract Presentations

Tuesday, 30 September 2014
16:30/18:00 -  Machinegebouw Room

  • Introduction to session. Ibrahim ARZIMAN (TURKEY)
  • Top scoring abstract presentations.
  • Award presentation. Pieter Jan VAN ASBROECK (BELGIUM)
  • #1022 - Evaluation of an instrument to measure teamwork in Emergency Medicine resident teams.
    Elena Angeli, Margherita Scorpiniti, Andrea Alesi, Francesca Innocenti, Riccardo Pini (IT)
  • #1041 - Role of the Emergency Department in the prognostic stratification of patients with severe sepsis and septic shock.
    Chiara Donnini, Eleonora De Villa, Stella Squarciotta, Michele Baioni, Damiano Vignaroli, Camilla Tozzi, Caterina Grifoni, Francesca Innocenti, Riccardo Pini (IT)
  • #1045 - Patients leaving the emergency department against medical advice: A quality indicator?
    Julie Mackenhauer, Amal Schnegelsberg, Marie K Jessen, Anders B Møllekær, Jonas Bager-Elsborg, Lars Knudsen, Hans Kirkegaard (DK)
  • #1046 - Left ventricular systolic function as main single predictor of mortality in sepsis in the short term: beyond ejection fraction.
    Aurelia Guzzo, Elisa Guerrini, Chiara Donnini, Damiano Vignaroli, Vittorio Palmieri, Francesca Innocenti, Riccardo Pini (IT)
  • #1112 - The effect of language complexity and health literacy on patient comprehension in the emergency department.
    Robert Wiggins, Ian Martin, Darren Dewalt, Robert Lovrich, Michael Hieronymus, Benny Joyner (US)
  • #1113 - Perioperative anesthesia care and its correlation with the professionalization of medical teams deployed in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters: a systematic literature review.
    Luca Ragazzoni, Marta Caviglia, Giacomo De Mattei, Alba Ripoll Gallardo, Francesco Della Corte, Pier Luigi Ingrassia (IT)
  • #112 - The use of the video laryngoscope compared with a standard laryngoscope for the intubation of children by infrequent users.
    Natalie Bee, Thomas Beattie, T.Y.M. Lo, Sarah Mckenzie (GB)
  • #1170 - Association between length of stay in the Emergency Department and patient allocation process to emergency physicians.
    Alice HUTIN, Bertrand RENAUD, Aline SANTIN (FR)
  • #790 - Pre injury antiplatelet therapy in patients with mild head trauma increases the incidence of intracranial hemorrhage.
    Gabriele Viviani, Simone Vanni, Sonia Vicidomini, Nazerian Peiman, Giuseppe Pepe, Alberto Conti, Eleonora De Villa, Claudio Poggioni, Federico Bulletti, Giuseppe Giannazzo, Stefano Grifoni (IT)
  • #872 - Evaluation of a new triage scale on patient's distribution on a university emergency department.
  • #915 - Professionalization of anesthesiologists and critical care specialists in humanitarian action: a nationwide survey among Italian residents in training.
  • Alba Ripoll Gallardo, Pier Luigi Ingrassia, Luca Ragazzoni, Ahmadreza Djalali, Luca Carenzo, Frederick Burkle, Francesco Della Corte (IT)
  • #923 - Low risk chest pain patients in the Emergency Department: clinical scores and cardiac stress test ability in predicting coronary artery disease.
    Margherita Luzzi, Chiara Donnini, Barbara Rinaldo, Alberto Conti, Francesca Innocenti, Riccardo Pini (IT)
  • #927 - Patients with low risk chest pain in the Emergency Department: clinical scores and stress-echocardiography.
    Margherita Luzzi, Chiara Donnini, Barbara Rinaldo, Alberto Conti, Francesca Innocenti, Riccardo Pini (IT)
  • #955 - Factors involved in patients death while consulting for an urgent chest pain : claims files analysis 2009-2010.
    Anne-Laure Feral-Pierssens, Anne-Laure Feral-Pierssens, Thierry Houselstein, Philippe Juvin, Philippe Juvin (FR)


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